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SCCA Starting Line School coming to Charlotte July 26th

Posted by duck, July 9, 2014

The Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line school is a partnership between the Sports Car Club of America and Tire Rack to give automotive enthusiasts a professional, all-inclusive entry into the world of performance driving.

In addition to a full day of instruction, participants will receive an SCCA membership, entries for future events, subscriptions to SportsCar and Grassroots Motorsports Magazines and the option to add a Snell approved motorsports helmet. The full day school will introduce key concepts applicable to all forms of motorsports and allow you to develop these skills while working with professional performance driving instructors certified by the Evolution Performance Driving School.

If you are looking for motorsports competition or just a great way to enjoy the capabilities of your car, the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line is your complete motorsports starter kit.

Base cost is $325 and includes:
-A full day of professional instruction from EvoSchool instructors - $260 value
-1 year SCCA Membership w/1 year subscription to SportsCar Magazine - $85 Value
-1 Entry into a National level SCCA Event (Championship Tour, ProSolo, Match Tour) - $110 value
-1 Entry into a CCR SCCA regional event - $45 value
-1 year subscription to Grassroots Motorsports Magazine
-Starting Line Autocross handbook which will help guide them through their first year in Solo
-Starting Line Hat
-Full on addiction to autocross

An open face G-Force helmet can be added for $100 (regular price: $180) and a full-face G-Force helmet for $200 (regular price: $250). Loaner helmets will also be available.

2014 Daylight into Darkness - Registration Open

Posted by duck, July 4, 2014

Registration for the 2014 Daylight into Darkness race is now open.  

Friday Aug 15 2014
PDX - Advanced/Intermediate ONLY!!   $125 entry
Registration:  http://www.myautoevents.com/pls/mae/frmEventDetail.Show?psevent_id=14945

Saturday Aug 16 2014 - Sunday Aug 17 2014
Double SARRC/SECS, Double CCPS/Single ECR
Registration: http://www.dlbracing.com/Event/5676
Supps: http://www.dlbracing.com/download.filx?FileID=1930

CCPS / ECR Grp 6: ITS, ITA, ITB, ITC, T4, IT7,SRX7, ITT, ITR, SM, SRF, SRF3, T3, IT7-R, SSM, NASA Spec E-30, Honda Challenge, ITE
- Other classes as approved by CCPS/ ECR series rules.
Group 6 is a Restricted Regional. Not all SARRC/SECS classes are incorporated. No SARRC/SECS points are accumulated 

Worker Registration:  http://www.dlbracing.com/clubs/ccrscca/RegisterWorkers.aspx?LMID=3730&EventID=5676 

2014 Memorial Monster Road Race Results

Posted by duck, June 1, 2014


http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 1 Qual Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 1 Race Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 2 Qual Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 2 Race Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 3 Qual Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 3 Race Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 4 Qual Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 4 Race Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 5 Qual Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 5 Race Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 6 Qual Official Sat.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 6 Race Official Sat.pdf


http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 1 Qual Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 1 Race Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 2 Qual Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 2 Race Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 3 Qual Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 3 Race Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 4 Qual Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 4 Race Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 5 Qual Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 5 Race Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 6 Qual Official Sun.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2014/Group 6 Race Official Sun.pdf

2014 Memorial Monster TT results

Posted by duck, May 31, 2014

2014 Memorial Monster

Posted by duck, May 5, 2014

Registration for the Memorial Monster Road Race at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw is now open.

Registration and supps are available at http://www.dlbracing.com/clubs/sedivracing/clubrace.aspx?LMID=3706&EventID=5644

Additionally, we will be running a Time Trial/PDX on the East Course and an AutoX on the West Course on Monday.

Registration for the PDX/TT is available at http://www.myautoevents.com/pls/mae/frmEventDetail.Show?psevent_id=14871

Registration for the AutoX is available at  http://www.myautoevents.com/pls/mae/frmEventDetail.Show?psevent_id=14883&psmode=3

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