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2016 Daylight to Dark Time Trail Results

Posted by rich.little, October 9, 2016

 Results from the 2016 Daylight to Dark Time Trials


CCR Daylight into Dark

Posted by Mick, July 15, 2016

2016 Board of Directors Electoral Nominations Process

Posted by Mick, June 26, 2016

2016 Board of Directors Electoral Nominations Process

There will be three seats on the board of directors that are up for reelection at the end of their three year term ending December 31st, 2016. Those positions are currently held by Robert McManus (Assistant RE), Scott Franklin (Secretary), Josh Sotomayor (At-Large Director). Nomination of a candidate for office can be made by any active member in good standing. Nominations must be made in writing, contain a second and consent of the nominee and be received by the Secretary by September 1, 2016.

Chasing the Dragon X Results

Posted by Mick, June 14, 2016

2016 Memorial Monster Results

Posted by Mick, May 31, 2016

http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Memorial Monster TT Result.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Big Bore Grid.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Big Bore Off.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/CCPS Grid.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/CCPS Off.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/GP 4 SECS Official.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/GP 5 SECS Official.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 1 Off Race.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 1 Qual.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 2 Off Race.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 3 Qual.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 3 Off Race.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 4 Off Race.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 4 Qual.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 5 Off Race Rev.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 5 Qual.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 6 Off Race.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp 6 Qual.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Grp Qual.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Open Wheel Grid.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Open Wheel Off.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/SECS Open Wheel Official.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/SECS Small Bore Official.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Small Bore Off.pdf
http://www.ccrscca.com/results/MayMonster2016/Small Bore Grid.pdf

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