Guide To Work Assignments

Autocross works because all racers participate in the running of the event. At the drivers meeting… you’ll be assigned to a work-group and will need to check in with the worker chief with your group. Announcements will be made when check-ins are starting so keep an ear out. Any drivers who do not complete their work assignment will have their times disqualified and will have to work a double shift at the next event. It’s important for you to show up on time for your work assignment as the consequences are shared by a larger group of people than you may realize.

Typically novices will start out as a Corner Worker. If you’re physically unable to work course (it does require a bit of running and standing)… then be sure the worker chief knows this when you check-in and we’ll find another job you can help out with. Once you’ve gotten some experience and are ready for more responsibility… you can learn and request to work other positions.

Corner Worker
Corner Captain
Gate & Waivers